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Hard Money Lenders Alabama

We're considered the premiere Hard money lenders in Alabama and we can help fund your next hard money loan. Hard money lenders in Alabama serve a very specific group of customers such as investors. Hard money lending in Alabama is a form of bridge term financing, which is secured by real estate.

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Simple Application Process through Closing!

As one of the leading premiere private money lenders and hard money lenders in the country, we aim to meet deadlines for our customers who follow our simple loan approval process.

Day 1

Customer submits application package and we order the appraisal and budget inspection to expedite the process.

Day 2 - 5

Appraisal and budget inspection report is complete.  Underwriting reviewing for final approval.

Day 6 - 10

Senior underwriting finalizing loan approval and preparing for closing.  Closing usually 10 days or less!

The clients who use our hard money loans are generally real estate investors – typically, those who are being denied a conventional loan due to stringent guidelines and who need to close fast to acquire the asset.

Hard money lending program in Alabama exist since they’re fast, and offer loans with little to no problems. ICS Loan Trust as a Hard money lender in Alabama have a fast application system. We expect collateral and do not look at your credit score. We focus on your experience, rather than your credit score. If you have a bad financial history, it’ll be much easier to obtain financing by using a hard money loan rather than a conventional loan which is granted based on your credit report. Below are situations where hard money lenders fill a void that conventional lenders don’t touch:

Alabama Hard money loans can be used for repairs and fix and flip real estate investors.
We've found that most traditional lenders won’t give you a loan for a fix and flip project. If the home is in poor condition, or there is some other abnormality with the home, then a conventional lender won’t give you funding. In addition, most fix and flip prospective deals” go fast.” The seller is extremely motivated to sell the property, and will accept the first deal. Traditional lenders take an extensive underwriting process that kills deals, so by the time the loan is approved – you’ve already lost the property since someone paid money for it. For those who have a hard money lender on your side who will close a loan in 5-10 days, you can get the fix and flip property.

Loans from private money lenders are great for people with bad credit


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