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Hard Money Lenders Hawaii

We're considered the premiere Hard money lenders in Hawaii and we can help fund your next hard money loan. Hard money lenders in Hawaii serve a very specific group of customers such as investors. Hard money lending in Florida is a form of bridge term financing, which is secured by real estate.

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Simple Application Process through Closing!

As one of the leading premiere private money lenders and hard money lenders in the country, we aim to meet deadlines for our customers who follow our simple loan approval process.

Day 1 | Origination

Customer submits application package and we order the appraisal and budget inspection to expedite the process.

Day 2 - 5 | Underwriting

Appraisal and budget inspection report is complete.  Underwriting reviewing for final mortgage loan approval.

Day 6 - 10 | Closing

Senior underwriting finalizing loan approval and preparing for closing.  Closing usually takes 10 days or less!

The clients who use our hard money loans are generally real estate investors – typically, those who are being denied a conventional loan due to stringent guidelines and who need to close fast to acquire the asset.

Hard money lending program in florida exist since they’re fast, and offer loans with little to no problems. ICS Loan Trust as a Hard money lender in Hawaii have a fast application system. We expect collateral and do not look at your credit score. We focus on your experience, rather than your credit score. If you have a bad financial history, it’ll be much easier to obtain financing by using a hard money loan rather than a conventional loan which is granted based on your credit report. Below are situations where hard money lenders fill a void that conventional lenders don’t touch:

Hawaii Hard money loans can be used for repairs and fix and flip real estate investors.
We've found that most traditional lenders won’t give you a loan for a fix and flip project. If the home is in poor condition, or there is some other abnormality with the home, then a conventional lender won’t give you funding. In addition, most fix and flip prospective deals”go fast.” The seller is extremely motivated to sell the property, and will accept the first deal. Traditional lenders take an extensive underwriting process that kills deals, so by the time the loan is approved – you’ve already lost the property since someone paid money for it. For those who have a hard money lender on your side who will close a loan in 5-10 days, you can get the fix and flip property.
Loans from private hard money lenders are great for people with bad credit

Hard Money Lenders Hawaii

ICS Loan Trust offers the outstanding service, knowledge and expertise required to quickly and efficiently obtain non-traditional and traditional residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and construction financing.

ICS Loan Trust private money lending products offer advantages that are not usually available at commercial banks, mortgage companies and other traditional lenders. Underwriting standards are based primarily on the borrower’s ability to repay a loan. Loan approval decisions rely less on credit scores and more on the value of the property in relation to the loan amount. This makes it possible for borrowers with isolated credit incidents, short-sales or certain bankruptcy conditions to qualify for a loan. Since a ICS Loan Trust private loan requires low documentation, the alternative is attractive to foreign nationals who seek to acquire property in Hawaii.

The acquisition of real estate is part of a much bigger picture. And like you, ICS Loan Trust sees the endless possibilities.

Florida's #1 Premier Private Hard Money Lender

Fix And Flips Hard Money Loans

Fix and Flip Loans are short term loans for real estate investors and are sometimes called bridge loans. We have over 50 programs available for investors, from first time investors to the savvy investors who have done dozens or hundreds of projects. We're the go to source for finding money to do deals in all 50 states including the District of Columbia. Fix and flip loans are used by short-term real estate investors to purchase and renovate a property before flipping it for a profit. This type of financing for flipping houses offers investors fast closings for properties in any condition. The most popular type of fix and flip loans are hard money loans. We've become the go to source for hard money loans in Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial and investment property purchase and refinance transactions. Cash-out, rehab, rate & term.

Multifamily, Manufactured Home Communities, Office, Retail, Industrial, R&D Flex, Self-Storage, SFR Rentals.

$50,000 - $25,000,000

Call for larger loans.

1, 2 & 3 Years

Loans must be paid off at the end of the 1, 2, or 3 year term.

Interest Only

Flexible interest only payments.

We focus on making loans backed by real estate; primarily residential real estate. All of our loans are short-term (6-12 months) and are made to real estate investors. We believe this strategy allows us to mitigate market, economic and borrower risk in many ways.

First, we are experts in housing. Having made thousands of home loans as well as having an in-house real estate financier ensures a very broad understanding of the home market, supply and demand, and cycles.

Second, the fact that our loans are short-term avoids us from being tied to long-term loans when the market is shifting and values are declining.

Third, our loans are relatively small (on average $200,000), our risk is mitigated in many ways. One loan can have a limited effect on our portfolio and overall yield. Additionally, most of our underlying assets (homes) can provide solid returns as rentals in the event of default or foreclosure. This rental option assists ICS Loan Trust as the lender in mitigating risk; in addition to providing an exit option to the borrower when selling the asset isn’t an ideal option.

Down payment purchase funds must be verified via bank/investment statements. A minimum of 20% to 30% down is required. We do have certain programs that will offer 100% LTC.   Down payment funds cannot be seller financed. 

1% - 5%

Points vary based upon property location, property type, income, experience and borrower financials. 

10 - 21 Days

Loans  are typically closed in 2 - 3 weeks from application.  This all depends on how prepared the borrower is at application.

A Typical Loan…

A borrower finds a great opportunity to purchase a single-family home for $145,000, which is in need of renovation. The borrower estimates, based on comparable sales in the area, that the property would be worth $240,000 if it were completely updated. The borrower’s contractor estimates the cost of the rehab to be approximately $35,000. The borrower must settle on the property in 30 days.

The borrower obtains a loan from ICS Loan Trust for $156,000, (75% - 80% of the after repair value (ARV), based on an appraisal and/or broker price opinion to purchase and rehab the property. At settlement, the borrower buys the property for $145,000. $121,000 is provided by this private loan, and $35,000 is held in escrow by the ICS Loan Trust for the rehab. As the rehab progresses, the work is inspected and funds are released based on a pre-arranged draw schedule with the contractor.

If the borrower plans to sell the property, s/he pays off the loan upon the sale. If the borrower plans to retain the property as a rental unit, the borrower refinances the property and obtains a long-term conventional mortgage. Banks are much more likely to refinance an existing mortgage on a rehabbed property when the tenant is paying the mortgage.

Usually 3-5% above Prime

Rates are based on location, building quality, leverage and experience of the borrower.

What is a hard money loan (Bridge Loan)?

A hard money loan or better known as a bridge loan is defined as a short-term real estate loan that gives the property owner time to complete some task – such as improving the property, finding a new tenant and/or selling the property. The typical commercial property bridge loan has a term of six months to one year, although many commercial bridge loan lenders will grant the owner the option to extend for six months to one year for a fee of between a half-point point to two points. Bridge loans are more expensive than permanent loans. In a market where a commercial property borrower might be able to obtain a 6% permanent loan, he might have to pay LIBOR plus 3% to 4% (8.25% to 9.25%), plus a point or two, for a bridge loan from a commercial real estate opportunity fund. Commercial property bridge loans are typically paid off when the owner places permanent financing on the property, after the improvements are completed and the new tenant(s) move into the property. Because of their short term nature, most bridge loans have no prepayment penalty. Example: Suppose Bob inherits an older, rundown office building from his father. Because the property has been allowed to deteriorate by his ailing father, the property is half-vacant and commands very low rents. If Bob tried to refinance the building today, he might only qualify for a $400,000 new loan based on today’s cash flow. Bob might therefore apply for a $700,000 new bridge loan to pay off the existing $250,000 first mortgage and to pay for $450,000 in improvements. After Bob has replaced the roof, repainted the building, retextured the walls, upgraded the electrical and HVAC systems, and recarpeted the property, he might be able to fill the entire building with new tenants paying twice as much in rent. When the new tenants move in, Bob might be able to refinance his bridge loan for $1,300,000, put $500,000 in cash in his pocket, and still have a $3,000 per month positive cash flow. This would be a great use for a bridge loan. There are all kinds of bridge lenders. Many banks will make bridge loans if the borrower has excellent credit and a large financial statement. Some renovation and releasing projects are a bit more speculative and need to be made by opportunity funds specializing in bridge loans. An opportunity fund is defined as a special fund set up to make high-yield commercial real estate loans requiring special expertise and understanding. Opportunity deals are what we in the industry call “brainer deals”, as opposed to “no-brainer deals”, which as are deals so simple and straight-forward that even a child could understand them. The kinds of investors who invest in commercial real estate loan opportunity funds are pension plans, endowment trusts, wealthy private trusts and some REIT’s. If the borrower has less-than-average credit, a modest financial statement, and/or little commercial real estate experience, he may have to go to a hard money bridge lender. Hard money bridge lenders are lenders who loan primarily on the equity in the property.


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