The easiest way to increase your income is just register with loan trust, send referrals under your name and get paid at closing for all commercial loans. This is ideal for real estate referral agents, loan officers, bankers, management company's, financial advisors, etc.

Commercial Loan Broker Affiliate Programs

Our affiliate programs, including those for commercial lending, are targeted at service professionals who already have an existing customer base of small businesses. Attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, bankers, and real estate brokers are all a perfect fit for commercial loan broker affiliate programs. However, anyone can become an affiliate and start earning up to 20% for referring business.

Register now and start receiving referral fees and increase your income.

Commercial Referral Fee
A Referral fee can be a huge revenue source for you personally or your business.  You can earn thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars with our referring associate system.

Most people aren't even aware that they can receive a referral fee. Many don't know if you have to be licensed or is it even legal?  We will explain the answers to many questions concerning referral fees.

Are Referral Fees Legal?
Referral fees for commercial real estate loans are perfectly legal. 

According to Attorney at Law - George Blackburne III
"Referral fees for commercial real estate loans are perfectly legal, and we have been paying them to people just like you for more than 31 years.  Unfortunately, under Federal law, we cannot pay you a referral fee on home loans.  It is not legal to give you anything of value - not even a sleeve of golf balls or a nice lunch - in return for the referral of a home loan borrower.  So remember, referral fees on commercial loans are fine.  Referral fees on home loans are a no-no."  

What Constitutes a Home Loan?
A real estate loan secured by a single-family residence which includes, condominium, duplex, triplex, and a fourplex is considered a home loan.  It doesn't matter if the owner lives there or not it's a home loan.

Do You Have to Be Licensed?
You Do NOT have to be licensed as a mortgage broker or a real estate broker for us to pay you a referral fee for a commercial mortgage referral.  You just need to limit your involvement to providing us with the name and telephone number of the borrower.

How Large is My Referral FEE?
Our hard money commercial mortgage and other commercial mortgage referral fees will pay you 20% of our net loan fee.

What Kind of Commercial Loans Can Loan Trust Close?
We can close hard money loans and variety of other commercial loans up to $500 Million.

Where Can You Find Commercial Loans to Refer?
Listed below are the best sources for commercial loans.  They have several loans crossing their desk each week.  Whenever you speak to anyone of the following professionals, you should let them know you have an excellent source for commercial loans:

  1. Bankers
  2. Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents (Realtors)
  3. Property Managers
  4. Other Commercial Lenders i.e. Credit Unions, Life Companies, Hard Money Lenders
  5. Residential Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  6. Attorney's
  7. CPA's
  8. Financial Planners
  9. Life Insurance Agents
  10. Accountants

What's the Largest Referral Fee Paid Out That We Know of for a Commercial Loan?
The largest referral fee paid out was to Alan Dunn.  His referral fee was for $21,250.00!
We're not saying this is the average but the highest we know of from the broker at Blackburne.  Our average commercial loan is 1.5 Million so our average net loan fees are approximately 2 percent.  That would be an average commission for a name and phone number of approximately $6,000.00.

Most bankers and commercial real estate brokers average one loan closing per month.  If you do the math that's $6,000 multiplied by 12 months equals $72,000.00 per year.

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